About Driving CPC

About Us

Driving CPC is specialised training division within Lifecykle Consulting Ltd. We deliver worldwide consulting and training solutions to corporate, government agencies, public sectors, multinational organisations and private individuals.

Our core vision is to – ‘establish an enduring operating excellence culture, both within our business and the clients we support.’

There is an educational principle ‘What is taught is not necessarily what is learned’. It is our mission to ensure delegates leave all training with valuable concepts that can be taken out of the class, and into their daily lives.

Training Material

Our Standard, Industry and Professional Driving CPC training courses are developed in house alongside our external graphic design team.

All our training material adheres to a series of golden rules –

  • Actively engage the delegates utilising different learning styles - visual, aural, verbal and physical
  • Relate all material to the delegate and how they contribute to an efficient and safe transport system lifecycle
  • Maximise graphics (reduce text), to empower the trainer in delivering an interactive learning experience
  • Utilise directed discussions to enable a key learning technique – interacting with others
  • No repetition of material or non-value ‘padding’
  • Continuous review and improvement

Training Delivery

Innovation and excellence does not stop at the material being delivered. The manner it is executed is equally, if not more, critical to the learning experience.

All our trainers undergo a rigorous selection and in-house training programme prior to being approved. All our approved trainers have in-depth industry knowledge and know how to make their topics engaging to ensure a memorable and valuable learning experience.

Driving CPC is a division of Lifecykle Consulting Ltd. Registered in England No 11586347
Registered Address: 27, Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX United Kingdom.
Telephone 0200 8881788, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.